About Us

Zandra Baheyadeen


Zandra Baheyadeen founded ZanCan Personal Assistant and Concierge Services in 2010. What began as merely doing errands for a few friends occasionally quickly turned into a thriving business. Zandra realized that with the increasing demands on people's personal and professional lives, they needed someone to do their errands and perform the other mundane daily tasks they either don't have time for or want to do. 

Zandra has more than twenty years of customer service experience. She is a multi-tasker, overflowing with energy, creativity, and passion for helping others. She is exceptionally reliable and will handle your business most efficiently and thoroughly possible. Always going the extra mile, Zandra can make a tremendous difference in your life, giving you back valuable time to pursue more meaningful personal and professional endeavors. Zandra will enable you to reclaim your time and get your life back. Call today to find out what ZanCan do for YOU! 

Elle Lobo


Cheryl Richardson


Cheryl brings with her, not only a southern accent but also 10+ years of experience as a small business owner.   Cheryl knows firsthand what is needed to make a business run. Because of her organizational skills and a multitude of solutions, that is why we call her "The Solution Chick."  Cheryl has taken ZanCan Personal Assistant & Concierge Services to the Greater New Orleans Area.